Atlantic white cedar berries with dark blurred trees in the background.

A seasonal variety of handmade goods from locally foraged/grown plants.

New syrups are here!

Fresh, new products wild-crafted from the first flowers and herbs of spring.
Collected in field and forest and finished in a small home studio/kitchen.

$8 / 2oz bottle
$14 / 4oz bottle

Bottle of strawberry rose syrup in front of a vase of dried roses.

Strawberry Rose

A light, sweet syrup made with foraged multiflora rose and locally-grown, organic strawberries.

  • Drizzle over ice cream
  • Add to lattes
  • Stir into yogurt
  • Pour over waffles

Ingredients: Locally-grown organic strawberries; foraged multiflora rose petals, organic cane sugar, lemon juice, citric acid

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Bottle of green peach syrup in front of a vase of dried flowers

Green Peach

A complex, golden syrup made by fermenting unripe green peaches in organic sugar.

  • Use in iced tea or lemonade
  • Drizzle over cheeses
  • Make flavored vinaigrette
  • Stir into yogurt

Ingredients: Foraged green (unripe) peaches, organic cane sugar, citric acid

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Bottle of cherry blossom pomegranate syrup in front of a vase of dried flowers.

Cherry Blossom Pomegranate

A dark, fermented syrup made with foraged okame cherry blossoms and pomegranate arils.

  • Glaze on chicken or pork
  • Mix into cocktails / mocktails
  • Add to smoothies
  • Use in baked goods

Ingredients: Organic pomegranate, foraged cherry blossom petals, organic cane sugar, citric acid

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Learn About Carla Made This

From beach rose and black walnut to wineberry and wintergreen, New Jersey has an abundance of useful and tasty plants to offer, and I’m passionate about using wildcraft to bring the Garden State’s natural gifts into the homes of my community.

All wild harvesting/foraging is done with sustainability and reverence for nature as priority.

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