All perfumes are crafted from natural botanical materials that are made into essential oils, absolutes, and concretes.

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Roll-On Perfume

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The Unearthly Sea

A respect for the ocean with her briny, woodsy scent of a tangle of driftwood and seaweed drying on the sand. It brings to mind musk and salt crust.

Ingredients: Distilled dry-roasted seashells, seaweed absolute, beach rose and sweet pepperbush absolute, oakmoss absolute, rose absolute, jasmine essential oil, jojoba oil

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What is enfleurage?

Enfleurage is a process that was developed in 18th century France. A solid fat is used to capture scent. The flower or plant is removed and replaced regularly over a number of days, depending on the desired intensity of the scent.

The scent of a natural, botanical perfume is more subtle than a fragrance produced synthetically in a lab. Once applied to the skin, it needs time to breathe and warm up before its fragrance can be fully enjoyed. It is best applied to pulse points on skin that is clean and moisturized. For the most fragrant results, it should be dabbed onto the skin and allowed to soak in rather than immediately rubbed in. Dry down (the time it takes for a perfume to start to fade) is about two hours, which is shorter than most synthetic perfumes. They can be reapplied as often as desired.