• Fennelicious Def

    My farm share has had fennel for the past few weeks, and let me tell you that shit SLAPS. Especially if you’re one of those people who likes licorice-adjacent flavors. […]

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  • A golden frame containing white flowers in a white solid material.

    The Ancient Perfume Method of Enfleurage

    Enfleurage is an ancient technique in perfumery. Fresh flowers are laid on top of a layer of solid fat, like tallow or shea butter, and left to release their fragrance. […]

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  • A bag of citrus rose simmer pot on a wooden table with dried roses behind it.

    Introduction to Simmer Pots

    What is a “simmer pot,” anyway? I’ve been running into this question more times than I thought I would, so here’s the lowdown: Into a small pot goes water and […]

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  • A bath tea pouch sitting next to a bowl holding the contents of the bath tea.

    Introduction to Bath Tea

    I love a good bath (and my Kindle loves to live life on the edge), but a lot of times the thought of bath balm residue, crusty bath salts, or […]

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