A collection of various items gathered while foraging all laid out on a wooden table.

About Carla Made This


All wild harvesting/foraging is done with sustainability and reverence for nature as priority. How this is implemented:

  1. No Over-Collection.
    I try to only take what I need for each product batch so no material is wasted. If conditions are right and a plant is plentiful, I will use more of that in my creations. If for some reason a plant is more scarce, I will use less of it. I never completely clear a space of a plant or leave a plant completely bare of the fruit, seeds, or flowers that it needs to reproduce.
  2. Seed Dispersal.
    When collecting any type of flower, I make sure to leave plenty to go to seed. If the plant is endangered, such as milkweed, I make it a priority to only harvest small amounts from different areas, and to return to those areas when the plants have created pods to help distribute the seeds.
  1. Informed Harvesting.
    Invasive plants are used freely.
  1. Seasonal Work.
    Only use what plants and botanicals are in season.
A bunch of dried flowers in a frosted vase sitting on the table in front of various products at a popup sale.
Some dried flowers in a clear vase sitting on the table in front of various products at a popup sale with Carla in the background.

Meet Carla

I’m Carla. I’m a Pine Barrens-based artist and maker who creates a seasonal variety of handmade, small batch goods from locally-grown and wild-foraged nature.

From beach rose and black walnut to wineberry and wintergreen, New Jersey has an abundance of useful and tasty plants to offer, and I’m passionate about using wildcraft to bring the Garden State’s natural gifts into the homes of my community.