Salts, Sugars, & Spices

Infused with fresh and dried botanicals to create a jar full of flavor. Use anywhere a dash of salty or sweet goodness is needed.

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Infused Salts

A tasty, multi-layered seasoning that can be used in both savory and sweet recipes. Great on the rim of cocktails, to coat meat or fish before cooking, or sprinkled over french fries.

$12 per 3.5 oz

Wild Bay + Orange Thyme

A delight on chicken, fish, and roasted root vegetables. Also makes a lovely salt rim on cocktails.

Ingredients: Coarse sea salt infused with foraged sweetbay magnolia leaf, foraged bayberry leaf, homegrown thyme, and dehydrated orange

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A small jar labelled maple juniper salt on a blurred background.

Maple Juniper

Ingredients: Coarse salt infused with organic maple syrup, foraged juniper berries, and foraged eastern red cedar berries + leaf tips

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How do you dehydrate your ingredients?

Everything is dehydrated in-house! There are a few ways to dehydrate ingredients: in the oven, in the dehydrator, hanging inside, and even hanging outside.