Introduction to Simmer Pots

What is a “simmer pot,” anyway?

I’ve been running into this question more times than I thought I would, so here’s the lowdown:

Into a small pot goes water and botanicals (leaves, fruit, twigs, spices, etc). The mixture is brought to a gentle simmer, and left to simmer for as long as desired.

The heat brings out the natural oils and fragrance of the botanicals, and the steam from the water carries it throughout the home.

Your space now smells amazing – without chemicals or synthetic fragrances, and in a way that is safer for pets and allergy sufferers!

Okay, that’s interesting – but why do I want a hot bowl of wet sticks instead of say, a plug-in?

Well, I’m glad you asked! Here are the many benefits of a simmer pot:

A bag of citrus rose simmer pot on a wooden table with dried roses behind it.
  1. Way cheaper than a $30 candle.
  2. No chemicals or synthetic fragrance.
  3. Less likely to cause an allergic reaction (I’m looking at you, incense from the boardwalk).
  4. Better for people with asthma or other lung issues.
  5. Makes you feel like a cute lil witch at her tiny cauldron.
  6. Steam from the pot helps keep the surrounding air moist in winter.
  7. Safer for pets, especially cats.
  8. Helps get rid of funky smells, like the fish you just fried, Dad!
  9. Reduce waste by adding scraps like lemon rinds or plant stems.
  10. Pay homage to your grandma by using rebooted potpourri.

I frequently throw together simmer pots out of scraps I have on hand such as apple skins, leftover stems from herbs, a handful of pine needles from the yard, or fruit that’s on its way out. But for those of you who would rather keep your scraps in the compost and don’t enjoy grabbing handfuls of leaves from outside, a pre-packaged, curated simmer pot is the way to go!

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